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Take a Break From Political Comedy With These Podcasts

"Alex Schiefer and his older sister Christine ... perform dramatic readings of one-star reviews, adding background music and the serious tone that they deserve. "


How I Podcast: In conversation with Alex and Christine Schiefer

"a podcast that offers sidesplitting commentary on the most ridiculous reviews of businesses across the USA"

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25 Best Comedy Podcasts to Keep You

"Alex and Christine Schiefer are siblings who, like so many of us, are highly amused by furious one-star Yelp reviews"

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25 Best Comedy Podcasts of 2020 so Far to Make You LOL

"If you've ever cackled at the wonderful poetry of one-star Yelp reviews, you'll also love this podcast"

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10 Podcasts You’ll Want to Binge NOW

"this podcast provides instant comedic relief"

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